Date: January 28, 2004
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Venue: Myer Music Bowl
Source: Audience
Generation: Master
Video Quality: A-
Audio Quality: B+
Filming Quality: B
# of discs: 1
Video format: PAL
Menus: No
Chapters: Every 5th Minute

Length: 1:59:31


Overall ratio: 26/50



This was a dissapointment. The filming aint good, and the quality of the camera the filmer used, must have been a bit shitty.. I don't think the guy singing on the videoclip sings like that all the time :)



Ecstasy Of Gold (cut)
The Four Horsemen
Ride the Lightning
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
The Thing That Should Not Be
Creeping Death
The Unnamed Feeling
Sad But True
Damage Inc.
Seek & Destroy
Nothing Else Matters
Master Of Puppets
St. Anger
Enter Sandman
Die, Die My Darling
Hit The Lights




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