Date: July 3, 1999
Location: Werchter, Belgium
Venue: Werchter Festival
Source: Audience
Generation: Master
Video Quality: A-
Audio Quality: B+

Filming Quality: A/B
# of discs: 1
Video format: PAL
Menus: Yes
Chapters: Yes

Length: 2:10:44


Overall Ratio: 29/40



If it hadn't been for the audio this DVD would have been one of the best.. The filming is great regarding it's from the pit, and without tripod. I am amazed by the way the filmer gets all these good closeups, and the way he varies between the different members of the band!



Ecstacy of Gold
Master of Puppets
Wherever I May Roam
The Thing That Should Not Be
The Memory Remains
Bleeding Me
Bass/Guitar Doodle
Seek & Destroy
For Whom The Bell Tolls
King Nothing
Whiskey In the Jar
Fight Fire With Fire
Nothing Else Matters
Sad But True
Creeping Death
Die Die My Darling
Enter Sandman





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