Date: November 24, 1998
Location: New York, NY
Venue: Roseland Ballroom
Source: Pro Shot
Generation: Master
Video Quality: A
Audio Quality: A+

Filming Quality: A+
# of discs: 1
Video Format: NTSC
Menus: No
Chapters: Every 5th Minute

Length: 1:51:06


Overall Ratio: 34/40



I really like this one. James voice is great in this period, and the covers are good to listen too..    



Creeping Death jam
Die Die My Darling
Small Hours
The Prince
Sabbra Cadabra
Whiskey In The Jar
Stone Cold Crazy
Mercyful Fate
Turn The Page
Am I Evil?
So What!
Killing Time
The Wait
Last Caress / Green Hell




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