Date: Mars 1, 1997
Location: New York, NY
Venue: Madison Square Garden
Source: Audience
Generation: Low
Video Quality: A
Audio Quality: A+

Filming Quality: A
# of discs: 2
Video format: NTSC
Menus: Yes
Chapters: Yes

Length: 2:11:56


Overall Ratio: 44/50



Another great Load area show.. Great steady filming using tripod, and the generation is very low, I think.



Memory Remains (jam)
Last Caress
Creeping Death
Sad But True
Ain't My Bitch
Hero of the Day
King Nothing
Bass Solo
My Friend of Misery (jam)
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (jam)
Nothing Else Matters
Until it Sleeps
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Wherever I May Roam
Fade to Black
Seek and Destroy / The Cure (jam)
Fight Fire with Fire
My Sharona (jam)
Blackened (jam)
So What
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Am I Evil?




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