Date: December 5, 1986
Location: Quebec, Canada
Venue: Pavillion de la Jeunesse
Source: Audience
Video Quality: B-
Audio Quality: B

Filming Quality: A
# of discs: 1
Video format: NTSC
Menus: No

Chapters: No (Can't jump in the video at all)

Length: 1:58:30


Overall ratio: 30/50



One of the first Jason Newsted shows. Still, we all miss Cliff don't we. Great concert. Quality is good for a '86 show. Can seem as a bit dark, but that ain't a big problem. 



Master of Puppets
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Ride The Lightning
Bass Solo
The Thing That Should Not Be
Fade To Black
Seek & Destroy
Creeping Death
The Four Horsemen
Guitar Solo
Am I Evil?
Damage Inc.
Fight Fire With Fire



1985-09-14 Disposable Heroes, Rheine GERMANY [PRO]

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