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Please help me pay my webhosting service. I pay appr. 100 dollars a year and its time to renew. For this site to work, I need the money. Use paypal and donate too psl1986(a)gmail.com


Welcome to the all Metallica bootleg site. This is a site for all of you out there who wants to know where to get a hold on Metallica video bootlegs that can be found.


Not only can you use this site as reference for knowing if you went to a show, but you can also found the people who has these links. All shows that is available for trade, are linked from this site (or at least I try to get it that way), to the traders site. The ones that ain't available for trade, is not linked except for those which I have obtained or recieved screenshots of. They have little infopages with the screens, and maybe a little lame comment or something similar.


The concept of this site is mainly two things:

1. Make an universial site for people who are in search of a particular bootleg.

2. Make people  stop listing shows as NFT, even though other people have it freely for trade, and especially when no author or filmer has asked for it! Remove the NFT mark, remove it!


So, enjoy this world of Metallica bootlegs, cause hey, ain't that the meaning of all this? To let everone who wants too see all the Metallica they can? See the amazinng bootlegs from the "Black Album Area" and "Load Area", and the legendary Justice and before bootlegs. And of course, the newest good quality MIAWTWT bootlegs. C ya around in the world of Metallica trading.



Newest Update 5. December 2005



1994-07-27 Master added w/screens
1994-08-17 Master added w/screens
1987-02-13 1st gen added w/screens
1992-05-17 Linked
1996-10-06 Soundboard Upgrade added
1991-11-01 Low Gen linked
1992-06-01 Infopage w/screens
1994-08-21 Another cool pic added :)
1992-05-27 Infopage w/screens added
1989-07-14 Added w/screens
1999-07-24 Digital Version for Trade
1996-11-09 High Gen Linked
1993-06-08 Mid/High Gen Linked
1992-11-04 2nd source linked
2000-01-07 1st Gen added
1994-06-15 1st Gen Infopage added
1991-10-29 Master added w/screens
1991-10-29 2nd source amaster added
1997-02-04 Master added w/screens
1997-02-04 2nd source master added
2003-12-03 Gen updated
1996-12-29 Infopage update
1996-12-30 Infopage update
1996-12-31 Infopage added
2003-08-09 NFT removed